• anon

    I am on a POV route. Fortunately I have a husband who provides my maintenance. Brake pads every 3 months. Oil changed every 3000 miles. Tires once per year with frequent plugs for nails etc. Transmission service once per year. Those are the basics. I feel that my POV is better maintained than any LLV in the country. But it comes at a cost. If the USPS would purchase a durable vehicle that was made to endure the conditions we encounter and provided routine maintenance to prevent breakdown it would probably be beneficial to them. The initial cost would be a lot, but with proper maintenance it could save them in the long run. But they need to do some research and see what engines are built to last, what transmission have issues or not. Either way without proper maintenance nothing will last. I’m still waiting for the Metris I was trained for a year ago!

    Feb 08, 2022
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