• anon

    I had a government vehicle (metris van/LLV) assigned to my rural route for almost a year. VOMA deemed both unsafe, but management still made me drive it. These vehicles would work on routes that are on hard surface roads, but not on rural gravel/crushed rock. There are some routes that only a POV can be safely driven. The metris van I had could not safely be driven on my route. Doors would open as I was driving, fan motor filled with dust, entire van filled with dust, doors would not shut, traction control quit, tires would be shredded in 3000 miles and maintenance was not done in a timely manner. I filled out vehicle repair tags and would need to wait a few days/week because I work out of a RMPO. If I had trouble on the route vehicle maintenance took an hour to find me and most of the time only had an LLV for a replacement, which was extremely dangerous on a gravel/crushed route of over 100 miles. I filled out numerous safety forms and management would ignore, said they would look into it. I would get stuck in the winter multiple times daily and then sit waiting for over 3 hours for a tow. I feel safer in a POV that I know is able to serve my route in all weather conditions.

    Feb 08, 2022
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