• anon

    When I was an RCA, I had a POV. In fact, I maintained 2 POVs just so I would not miss a day of work. It was very expensive. Between gas, insurance, car payments, repairs, etc. the EMA did not cover what was needed to maintain one POV let alone 2 so I transferred to an all LLV office. The LLVs are great as far as cargo capacity and moveability within the vehicle. I can easily access mail without causing undue stress to my body. When it comes to the winter, we really need a vehicle on these rural routes with AWD or 4 wheel drive. I have entire roads on my route I cannot access for months in the winter with an LLV. It is really a disservice to our customers, especially our elderly customers in rural areas. I was never an anxious person driving in the snow until I was given an LLV and I nearly rolled one over on an icy road. Now, I have to take several anxiety medications just to get through the winter. I would feel much safer if the postal vehicle could handle snow.

    Feb 08, 2022
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