• anon

    The concept of USPS vehicle routes are great.....on paper. Most of the vehicles, well all the vehicles the USPS has bought to use on rural routes are not designed and built for the strain and conditions. They are rear wheel drive, so they won't pull gravel hills, snow, and even spin in wet leaves. The problem is no one asks the true rural routes what they need in a vehicle. No carrier in a mountain region or a snow region would ever ask for a front wheel drive van that has no weight and a short wheelbase. The Mercedes vans will be destroyed and lose more money than they "save" within the next 10 years. They lose alignment every month, wear thru tires at twice the rate as a POV and are abused on a daily basis since the carriers have no concern with repair cost or missing work when it's being serviced.

    Feb 07, 2022
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