• anon

    I am a rural mail carrier. While having the headache of vehicle maintenance land on my shoulders can be daunting, I MUCH prefer knowing that my safety is in my hands. I have seen carriers with bald tires, carriers whose vehicles catch on fire or literally have wheels fall off in the postal provided vehicles. I am able to make sure I have everything in good working order. I am able to have 4 wheel drive, good snow tires, bright headlights, good interior lighting, and have the set up that I want for loading my vehicle. The new vehicles have a large cage which prevents you from getting packages from the front. No 4 wheel drive is a nightmare in the winter and spring (I have seen postal employees stuck on flat ground in the postal metris). If the post office wants to change rural delivery vehicles, they need to INVEST in good options and continue to invest in top notch maintenance. Our safety relies on it. Heating and cooling are not luxuries- they are necessities. 4 wheel drive is a necessity in many areas. Whatever happens I hope cost isn't prioritized over safety.

    Feb 07, 2022
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