• anon

    It is getting harder and harder to find RHD vehicles of adequate size for packages, and the cost of them can be inflated because of the need for them. I think it would be easier to hire RCA's if a postal vehicle was supplied. Maintenance costs on a POV add up real quick. Tires, frequent oil changes, brakes, and gas are a constant and costly need. Then you have the surprises like sensors going bad, ball joints, wheel bearings, transmission issues, just to name a few. Its very stressful. Plus we have to use multiple vacation days to get vehicle fixed, if we have an RCA to cover our route. So now USPS is paying 2 people plus EMA for me to get my POV fixed. I feel having a USPS supplied postal vehicle for all routes would be financially beneficial to everyone involved.

    Feb 07, 2022
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