• anon

    My route was assigned a Metris December 2020. Before that it was a POV route. My POV was not a RHD, but I was able to accommodate all my mail and packages, even thru the Pandemic. My POV was kept up to proper route specs. I like the Metris. I do not like how the maintenance on the vehicle is maintained. I drive 121 miles a day. I go thru tires quickly, because low grade tires are used on these vehicles. I have to constantly fight to get my brakes changed, to the point where they have to replace the rotors as well as the brakes because they don't "have the parts". It takes me over 20 minutes to fuel up each day as there is an issue with the Metris that Mercedes claims is not thier fault, but then why do so many of the Metris' have the fuel issue? If I had run my POV on bald tires and bad brakes it would have been flagged as unsafe and not route worthy, but it seems to be a double standard when it comes to the vehicles that are provided to us. Personally my vehicle was safer.

    Feb 07, 2022
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