• anon

    Just wanted to post a comment to say first of all if anyone needs a good laugh to take some time to read the comments/complaints posted by others on this site directed toward the USPS. I have to admit that I couldn't stop laughing whereby I had to stop reading the comments/complaints posted by others b4 I died from laughter. On a serious note, all I can add based upon my experience with the USPS that could fill a set of encyclopedias, is that nothing has really changed over the past 50 years other than the service which has become progressively worse over time while the cost of sending a letter or package has increased significantly. In reality, I don't know whether to laugh or cry at how unreliable and inept the USPS has become. And while there may actually be a USPS employee who actually cares and performs his job properly, I can assure you that this particular postal employee is in the minority. And if I had to venture a guess, I'd say 1% at best. BTW, you would think that with all the negative comments/complaints that the USPS receives, they would actually do something about it to correct and improve their service. Good luck with that happening. In reality about the best they can do is ask the federal government to bail them out at the expense of you and I, the taxpayers, for they're inability to operate in the black. All I can add is that I purposely stay away from the post office no matter the location and I seldom if ever use and rely upon their incompetent services if I don't have to. In reality, if the USPS really wants to correct their situation, I would suggest they close up shop and disappear from the face of the earth.

    May 23, 2020
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