• anon

    I am a former RCA I recently separated from USPS due to what I felt were unsafe expectations and belittling by supervisor and fellow employees. I also observed some things that I did not agree with and wanted no part of. The P.O. I worked for only had two routes and the regular carriers would go through the packages and decide if they wanted to deliver them that day or not. If they did not want to deliver they would scan and put no safe place/package to big then they would scan a PA3849 then case it with their mail. If a package was missed while delivering it was scanned no box/house or wrong address then delivered the next day or just scanned delivered and delivered the next day. My supervisor did not want to listen and had actually told one RCA to bring packages back to PO and scan no such address and then take them the next day so they could get back to the PO before 5:00pm.

    Mar 25, 2020
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