• anon

    I will say I seen that management at corporate from Belmawr nj bought in someone to New Castle and made a big change and believe me it was and is for the best the atmosphere is been great and so much better clerks are feeling pretty good about coming to work since the removal of a toxic Supervisor with so many complaints some people should not Supervise but she was to close and friendly to the postmaster and did what she wanted never came in early like she was suppose to always had an excuse but no Consequences for her meaning they have worked together at other station way, way to long and sometimes separating postmaster and supervisor with years of history is needed this was and is the best thing for new castle the Supervisor who was removed was toxic & nasty New Castle is on a good course now sometime u need to Shake the tree with removing Supervisor with history the worker deserves this clerks and carrier work extremely hard doing there job it was her way or no way sad again thanks to corporate for making this great change at New Castle if u were to talk to employees they would tell u they are being treated fairer now and are glad to not being abused and talked to nasty they are glad she was removed and is not there anymore it is the best for everyone. The postmaster who came there temporarily to put new castle Centerpoint back in order put new castle on the right course & allowed clerks who been there to learn and be trained to learn other jobs in the clerk Field like they should have been and she filled in jobs that was needed to be filled in and also got the help that was needed because if u are a clerk u should know how to do all clerk work and she made changes good one to the office it is to bad she was not able to stay she but she put in on a good course Also the Supervisor who had to be removed had her own agenda and was not allowing clerks to learn anything so she depending on 2 favorite people she had her 2 favorite workers giving them all types of hours unnecessarily overtime hours again it is good she was removed Centerpoint is doing well and all the workers are doing so much better hope it will stay this way thx for the good change hopefully it will stay this way

    Aug 01, 2020
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