• anon

    Dear USPS, While I understand the USPS is essential and contrary to what the USPS website says, the USPS has not been considering the health and safety of their employees. The website says ”USPS Service Alerts- Despite the global health challenges we are facing, USPS remains committed to serving you. The safety of our customers and employees remains our top priority as we provide the essential service of delivering your mail everyday.” The USPS is committed to earning profit. Yes, I understand there are those that need vitally important packages. However, the “top priority” is not the health and safety of the employees or even the customers. If it was, at least the lobby’s would be closed and clerks, carriers, and other staff would be safe from this HEALTH CRISIS not a “health challenge“ as the USPS refers to it on the website. The site addresses the chances of catching COVID-19 from packages is unlikely and maybe so (even though it lives on some surfaces for days.). However, what the site fails to do is discuss the lack of safety and precautions not taken by the USPS for its employees and customers. The lobby’s are remaining open exposing the essential personnel and other customers to this very deadly virus. USPS needs to close the lobby’s and windows and have drop boxes for packages and mail. The staff can still work to get the mail sorted and delivered. These are unprecedented times. The USPS is not keeping pace with the rest of the government and even other essential state and government personnel. The post offices do not even have the necessary protective wear one would expect the USPS to provide during this very frightening time. Younger people are dying everyday from this virus. Not just the elderly. I encourage the USPS to take my complaint on the USPS very seriously and truly make the safety and health of its employees and customers a “top priority” and close the lobby’s and windows. Keep the mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers we love safe! Sincerely, Concerned Citizen

    Mar 20, 2020
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