• anon

    Not surprised. This stems from supervision or lack thereof. I'll also include unions into the people to point fingers at. Postmasters not talking pride in there office, only there to collect a pay check. Supervisors below postmasters over worked due to postmasters doing the Barr minimum and forcing their subordinates (that care/take pride) to pick up the rest. Which leads to them treating clerks and carriers as numbers and not people. This extends to how the employees treat customers. The difference between how each post office is operating is night and day. You can have two+ post offices in large cities or compare suburb to neighboring suburb. Those that are positively received tend to have the Postmasters that actually care. The post office supervision seems to be a "good ol' boy" system and those promoted are because of their personal connections or because they simply had worked for a decade or more; rather than merit. The unions add into this because they make it very difficult to get rid of bad employees, carriers and clerks who consistently make the same errors. With the unions jobs are clearly defined and what tasks are mandatory for that position. What this does is bad "career" employees due the bar minimum, which includes working slower to avoid doing the "optional" tasks that need to be accomplished but are not penalized if not completed. Which just spreads to other employees or the hard workers leave because they know there is no benefit to stretching themselves to cover for others, there is not promotion or raises due to performance, everything is seniority based. In conclusion clean up the supervision and drop all the bureaucracy that increases the costs, pay scales that include performance incentives rather than time.

    Mar 04, 2020
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