• anon

    It’s only been about 3 weeks since a rusted out light pole fell on some ones car at the air mail facility. Asbestos tile also takes for ever to get patched or replaced because of the short staffing of building equipment mechanics. Same thing with patching holes on the work room floor that the pit equipment drive over. These holes are made worse by the safety standards not being enforced on not pushing gaylords(often 6-7 at a time) across the work room floor with forklifts and double jacks. At any time if you checked for blocked fire extinguishers and pull boxes or blocked emergency exits we probably wouldn’t pass. The main plant is just to small for the mpe and empty/full racks. This is even after they moved the AFSM 100s to the airmail facility. There are other complaints on that subject but I’ll wait for a post about appropriate use of staffing and wasting resources for that rant.

    Mar 03, 2020
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