• anon

    I worked as an RCA , I loved my job and was extremely good at it as well. I would come in early to help throw packages while also running a route that day and would do my best to have no errors. I made sure to be there when I was scheduled and Be available whenever I was needed. However any time I would ask for a day off or to not work that day, Some how some way I would always be called in, I would schedule VA appointments and I would have to come into work, leave and go to my appointment and then finish the route or be forced to cancel my appointment. I would be told that if I couldn’t make myself more available which in all honesty I was every day of the week except when I would ask off for those days, that the post master would find somebody that could. I understand that people call in and it’s my job to cover, but I was always the one to be called. We had other RCA’s that would just be off because they said no, but if I said I was unable to come in it was not acceptable. Also certain regulars were allowed to work whatever hours they wanted to and get away with a lot of things that didn’t sit right with me and a few other employees. The post master just didn’t seem to care seeing he would come into work around 11AM sometimes later. When I first started I loved my job and was treated with respect, however over time I just became a body to him and not an employee. I had my check have hours missing multiple times and that was addressed or never fixed.

    May 14, 2020
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