• anon

    First, I'll address the lackluster management as it owns the most impact. Leaders in the military regularly receive leadership training - it's continuous. Managers in the post office receive on-the-job training for technical aspects and nothing more. By and large, they served as a carrier or clerk and no longer want to perform that function. I have found that they take advantage of new personnel by ordering them to do things not in their contact, knowing the employee knows no better. Further, they avoid work at all costs, even if this beans forcing employees to work overtime. Career employees are also permitted to not only do their job in nearly whatever manner suits them, but they can also set up their case however they'd like. They are commonly spoiled children who throw tantrums if things aren't done their way all the time. I cannot believe a government organization gives employees such freedom, because it makes a substitute carrier's ability to perform their duties difficult even when in the same office. The training program for carriers also focuses very little on carrying mail. When you "graduate" from academy, you are certainly not prepared to carry mail. This is learned at your home station, but probably inconsistently due to your hours as a substitute carrier. When you first carry mail, it's a completely foreign and overwhelming experience - no wonder people leave loaded vehicles and quit. The path to becoming a career employee is also an absolute uncertainty. You could be a substitute carrier for decades and never become a career employee. During this time you are putting nothing toward retirement. Extend the probationary period to one year and offer a career position at that point. Contribute to their retirement based on hours worked. Give us a reason to stay. Adjust the wages according to the area in which we live. Why would we carry mail for 17 dollars an hour in the heat and cold if we could stock shelves at target for a similar rate? Take the exit surveys seriously across the board. There problems will not go away. We want to help but have very few reasons to stay.

    Apr 28, 2020
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