• anon

    It’s a corrupt system where the post masters get bonuses if they spend the least and cut clerk positions. There mantra is work faster so we can eliminate your position. Some even work off the clock just to keep up with the high demand load and short staff and impossible demands. Postmasters can lie to upper management and blame stealing or Postmasters delivering of packages on clerks and they just believe what they say. Postmasters in level 18s can work 15 hrs of clerk hrs and give a clerk only 20 hrs. And some postmasters work 20 hrs and only report 15. Who’s watching postmasters? No one. That’s how they get away with it. There is no witnesses because of fear of retaliation. The environment is hostile to the workers because PM don’t care. USPS goal is to create a sea of PTFS and get rid of all regular clerk positions when they retire. They are also purposely being mean to get workers to retire sooner or quit. That’s what they want. Who wants to work for someone that treats you like crap every day. Especially the Micromanager postmasters that relentlessly harass clerks all day at work. Or set up scenarios to purposely instigate someone so when they react, they can write them up. And fire them without just cause. Trust me, it’s their goal to cut the deficit. that’s why OIG is doing nothing. If you don’t act like their pet, they act like tyrants. Don’t they know that positive motivation boosts moral. Who wants to work harder and faster so their job can be eliminated and the boss gets a raise for the clerks commendable performance. It makes us want to work slower. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Also the postmasters disappear and leave you alone at the busiest times of day or hide or are on their phones all day chatting it up where you can’t even get there help w a customer problem. Now trump wants to take all our jobs away. It’s all about power money and greed.

    Apr 25, 2020
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