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    I am truly trying to be engaging here and not sarcastic but to me the answer to this question is obvious and in the term itself. A non-career employee is just that “non career” they are going into the job either as temporary. Assuming someone households would obtain a job at Usps as a short term solution to a financial downturn or another sudden event. And for the other employees who obtain work at usps for the long term and don’t get full Career or benefit eligible employee status they are only staying as a hope they obtain it. When this doesn’t happen they leave because a moderate living in today’s economy requires more than the all encompassing salary of the non career empLoyee makes. The lack of benefits and lower compensation is the postal offices way of showing they consider them to be less valuable and therefor more likely to be temporary. The 8 billion dollars (Claimed) to be saved annually by USPS For hiring temp workers are just 8 billion reasons to leave when the going gets tough or their patience runs out and they are forced to leave to seek out a career. Again, the answer Is simple and this question is taking up time from people like yourself and the resources spent pondering this, the obvious, can be better spent on your employees who are underpaid. Please understand, I am a (covid-19) furloughed retail employee seeking potential employment with the USPS and as someone who would be willing to retain employment for the long term (i.e less turnover) I am turned away by the idea of position where I am not treated or considered to be as valuable as the value I’m willing to put into the job. Or as valuable as a benefit eligible equally compensated employee. Thank you for reaching out on your site like this and I appreciate you taking the time to read this, Joshua Uptain 85268

    Apr 25, 2020
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