• anon

    Why is Usps allowing Pm’s to put CCA’s in 204b positions as soon as they hit their 90 days? While many are clueless nepotism hires, all are lazy clueless yes-men-and-women. In our area the CCA’s are not fingerprinted and background checked until they are finally making FTR, which in most cases is after several years. Yet, they have access to all of our personal information and pay. They are not being trained properly, only told what to do, when and who to do it to. We’ve had dozens and dozens of LLV gas cards and arrow keys disappear. They throw away mail, steal parcels, sexually harass us, verbally abuse us, spread rumiors and lies to cover their other rumors and lies; and think this is how the Usps is supposed to run since they don’t know any better. And the resentment from CCA’s being screamed at and threatened by a CCA that they were hired with, makes the good CCA’s quit. CCA’s should never be 204b’s. As with District positions, only employees with at least one year of CAREER service should eligible for any kind of supervisor or manager position. Fixing the corrupt management is the only way to fix the Usps and keep good employees.

    Apr 16, 2020
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