• anon

    Unfortunately this is happening everywhere across country. And no one seems to care. They let the clerks and carriers take the blame for nepotism idiots in charge. In our office the local Postal Inspectors and OIG are in mgmt’s circle of friends, so they tip each other off of possible employee complaints. Mgmt straightens up for a day or two, then severe harassment and retaliation rain upon the whistleblowers, and their coworkers to send a message. Their verbal abuse and character assasination, as mgmt spreads vicious lies about employees, is them playing conquer and divide. Great way to run a business. So much time is wasted everyday due the mgmt created drama and abuse. Employees can’t focus on their actual job, due the constant distractions of mgmt yelling, screaming, threatening and gossiping lies to cover their incompetence. Usps mgmt at all levels, OIG, and Postal Inspectors spend all their time just trying to keep all the abuse of power, harassment and throwing away of mail from going public. And burying it as quickly when it does, instead of fixing the problems. In NC, all of the good ol boys club in charge now, all have “dirt” on the others, so they help each other out so as not to expose it. We heard the other day from one of the PM’s victims, that our vicious PM “was” being investigated, due to thousands of complains from employees and customers. And then mysteriously, he isn’t anymore. hmmm....Usps is it’s own worst enemy

    Apr 16, 2020
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