• anon

    Worst management in postal history. The “who-you-knows” have taken over from the “what-you-knows”. And the “who-you-know” good ole boys club have committed rampant nepotism hires of all their family and friends. Then when those clueless nepotism hires hit their 90 days employment, they are put in positions they didn’t earn or deserve, weren’t in any way qualified for, and ahead of FTR qualified employees. Mgmt doesn’t file the required forms to show them in those positions, instead hand entering their time. Mgmt is narcissistic, egotistical, raging control freaks and now they “own” their 204b nepotism hired family and friends who aren’t trained and do whatever they’re told to do. They are told to only care about the numbers, while having no clue how to attain them. Screaming yelling cursing accusing threatening the clerks and carriers is now SOP, every hour of every day. They screw with employee hours and pay, won’t work cca’s/pse’s who speak out, and retaliate against all clerks/carriers who stand up to the verbal/physical abuse and file grievances. Filing OIG complaints has fallen on deaf ears, as the narcissistic PM’s lie and pull the local OIG’s into their circle of friends. This, creating extremely bias opinions to all complaints, and even giving mgmt advance warning of employee complaints, giving them time to cover up their illegal behavior. So why should cca’s/pse’s stay at Usps and keep getting assaulted by idiot 204b’s/mgmt, when they can go to UPS, FEDEX and Amazon or literally anywhere else and get treated better. Until the OIG actually holds mgmt accountable, nothing will change, excessive unnecessary OT will continue to be paid out, and turn-over will remain high. Oh, and then there’s the rampant sexual harassment that gets the victims punished and 204b’s/mgmt gets away with it and continues their illegal behaviors.

    Apr 12, 2020
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