• anon

    650 mail boxes , 150 parcels of every size....this is the start of turn-over. WHO is going to work like a dog for $18 hour?? NO bathroom on route. NO food/drink because both hands are full of mail/parcels/scanner. And then get yelled at for not being done by 6pm??? C_R_A_Z_Y town. When I started there was 200 mail boxes, ZERO parcels/no scanners. The route is exactly same 20 miles BUT now 650 boxes. AND the new carriers need to use THEIR OWN CAR. Who has a "beater" ??? no one. Alot of people lease and they cannot take chance of damage. OH< and what insurance company is going to cover you /your car car/ the other driver, when an accident happens on the route ??? We can only hire those who have a car to wreck, not someone who doesnt have a car and has great work ethics, etc. AND NOT ONE new mail truck has been built and most of our fleet are 25 yrs old.

    Mar 12, 2020
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