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    I have an MA in Ed. as a Reading Specialist, but because of a series of unusual events I then spent eight years as an RCA/substitute teacher,(K-12) then over 22 years as a regular carrier. I was also a rural carrier trainer for eight years, and in fact trained at least five people still working in the office from which I retired. I observed many, many RCAs come and go. The number one way to keep them is to properly train them. In FAR too many offices new RCAs would report to the new office, get a day or two of “training” which might not even involve a regular carrier taking them out on the route with them(!) and then report the third day and be told to carry a route they’d never looked at! They didn’t know the direction of travel, the case, nothing. Retention of employees is never enhanced by asking a new hire to do something as intense as case 18-20 feet -or more-of mail on a route one has never seen, drive and deliver a route one has never driven, deliver the parcels that won’t fit in mailboxes to porches, although on rural routes often one does not know where the house sits compared to the four driveways one can see from the box- oh, and be back by five! Carriers need at least THREE intensive complete days with the regular carrier on ONE assigned route, and then time -a period of some weeks, or months are better!- to get comfortable with the process of casing, pulling down, and delivering the SAME route. I have known carriers who were assigned to three different routes in three consecutive weeks, with only the single day spent on any of them. Most often new carriers will be so overwhelmed they never successfully complete delivery on any of the routes, and when threatened by managers that they aren’t doing well and that they need to “pick up the pace”, simply resign. Managers need to abide by the training guidelines. Give the new carriers a chance to succeed and the USPS will not spend nearly so much money training ... carriers quitting...and then training again, over and over.

    Mar 03, 2020
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