• anon

    USPS Inspector, Are you reading the statements your postal employees are telling y’all?? Why can’t people get any help at their post offices? Why can’t employees be treated fairly and with respect. I don’t believe one of you up here at the top, would put up with the crap we put up with. Postal employees are informing you on crime, theft, workplace abuse, and so on to help the USPS. But if anyone notifies y’all of a crime or violation- that person is fired. The individual should be rewarded, because they are help, helping to prevent people stealing time, cheating hourly on routes, clerks not punching in, PM cheating on time cards, so on and do on. This is were the USPS is loseing money. No one is accountable. Pm is more concerned about getting his bonus than fixing light is lobby, even when customers complain about light being out for months and months. Oh that’s okay inspector, let a customer come in the lobby at night and get their mail and become a victim of violence or worse be killed and the victims family sue you, then something might be done; or put up the ceiling tiles so employees don’t have to breath in thermal glass installation, or fix the back door of the loading dock instead of having a bungee cord to hold it open, or fix the toilets instead of having to get a bucket to flush the toilet, or fix the mini blinds instead of having a missing mini blind, take the flag down when your suppose too instead of leaving the American flag to fly all the in even in bad weather, put away APC when finished so Carriers can actually push their buggy’s in, instead of having to push APCs out of the way, keep the office clear of hazards like buggy’s, APC strolled all over office Incase there is an emergency and employees can get out of the office. Lol... not at our office. I use to be proud of where I work. Heck, the PM so lazy, would put his coffee grounds in the water fountain, instead of washing them out in the bathroom, had to tell him to stop because he was stopping up the water fountain. You don’t throw away coffee grounds down a small water fountain drain. He leaves empty coffee cups all over office, tubs and trays never put away, left all over office. Can’t get into storage room, supplies thrown in closet, air conditioning filters has never been changed, employee finally just did it so not to burn up the air conditioning unit. Management has no business being in his position. This is why the Post Office has a bad name. People are put in position because they are a buddy of someone, instead of experience and or job performance. We have an employee that won’t come to work, she only works 2 months out of the year, then she is gone for the rest of the year, this has been going on for over 5 years. PM does nothing. You can see her on FB or Twitter having a good time, going out, not sick, pM still does nothing. Instead, PM runs her route during week and on Saturday runs both city routes. He won’t hire anyone, so he can give hours to his friend who is part time, but the office suffers, how? You can’t get in his office, trash every where, papers on floor, papers stacked on desk, boxes stacked everywhere, routes not ever evaluated, people not being paid correctly, policy not being posted, no stand up talks, no employee training meetings, oh but his friend signs off on them, while we never see the videos we are suppose to view and be paid for. He’s a city carrier now, not a PM. Employees in the office are angry, tired of the discrimination, poor working conditions, no policy, no structure.

    Mar 03, 2020
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