• anon

    The people in charge at the post office , number one WAY to much management, two way to many who do not respect the employees, three no accountability management protects each other when they are doing immoral and illegal activity, I have personally called the OIG and the inspection service and sent emails to both about this , how many people responded to me ? NONE , also management rules with and iron hand with an air of invincibility ,Google Richard Erikson , he was fired from the post office for excessive military leave , it is federal law to have your job when you get back , but not at the P O , he fought them for over a decade , ridiculous, so he is good enough to be in our armed forces but work at the post office , people in management should of lost their jobs over that , how about the 1.5 million dollars they had to pay the artist of the Statue of Liberty at the New York New York hotel in Vegas , someone put that picture on the stamps instead of the real Statue of Liberty and the artist sued and won, bang up job ! , also the people in charge do not car about being fiscally responsible all they are hammering us with is trying to keep work hours down , with less plants less clerks , old outdated equipment and of course those 30 year old relics we deliver in , should of bought a new fleet of truck instead of those flat sorting machines , I could go on for years but enough said

    Feb 26, 2020
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