• anon

    This is happening to me as I write this comment. I was hired as a non career employee. Scheduled to work out of a small 4 hour office. This is the perfect job for me I'm 61, 4 hours in the morning, with occasionally helping at another office in the afternoon, I'm extremely happy with my job. An opening came up at the other office I help out at. So they offered it to me. I don't care to work a split shift there. Also there are others who want that open position. Back to them offering me the position, if I refuse to accept the job, I HAVE to resign. No option to stay in my little office. My last day is Friday February 28th. I haven't even been here a year yet. They spent loads of money training me last summer. Now, it's all for naught. What a waste of money. I can't believe it. I do not want to be a career employee. And from what I hear, no one ever wants to stay in this office BECAUSE it's Not career. Except me. I want to stay, but I'm not allowed. I'm from a central Minnesota town. Wish me luck finding a new job. It's sad, I was extremely here in my little office. Oh well, their loss I guess. I'm an awesome employee, extremely reliable. Can work on my own with very little direction. Not afraid to ask questions when I need to. Anyone out there need a morning employee??? You wouldn't be sorry hiring me!!!

    Feb 26, 2020
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