• anon

    I am proud to work as a United States Postal Service letter carrier. I love my job and what it represents to the American public, and Im proud to work alongside my coworkers who are tough honest American Citizens with the grit it takes to be postal workers, clerks and Postmaster included. I am currently qualified on 70+ routes and 6 years USPS non career RCA waiting for someone to retire (or give up) to get same benefits as my neighbors in the cases next to me. What??? Worked 7 days a week as many as 20 hours in a day, my first 2 years. What family man or woman can do that? Was hired with 36 others. Only 3 left in 6 months. Then came Sunday. So now I gave up family and God too. I make same hrly rate as anyone starting today with no experience. What??? If I do a good job and make eval Im sent back out again so that that new guy is now splitting a route and making twice the hourly evaluated rate that I am. You're wondering about morale? You must have never delivered mail in your life. Perhaps thats the beginning of the problem, should be required for all management. WEAK UNION! Dont bother calling them. Forget training academy. Train on the job that will save $7,000 per new hire and weed out the ones that thought they were just going to be driving down the road sticking letters in boxes. Do away w Amazon. Profits look good on paper but since they are at the first of the week we are in overtime by Wednesday. SIlly boys. And they kill us on workers comp claims too since everyone has their dogs outside on Sunday and your dismounts have quadripled during the week increasing slips trips falls and lifting injuries. Forget giving Regulars Saturdays and Mondays off. You can reduce your sub workforce by a third. This will force Regulars to use all those sick and annual days before retirement if they want a consecutive day off and make non career way more attractive. Reduce or get rid of sick leave, no corporation in America is that generous. It has had greivous effects on the postal population and the payout makes the postal service bleed money. Good luck to ya.

    Feb 26, 2020
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