• anon

    The biggest problem is the lack of respect, on both parts. CCA personel expect respect to be earned, and supervisor/management demand respect regaurdless of their actions. It is hard to follow someone if they are not respectable, accountable, and knowledgeable. If work assignments do not flow as expected the blame is placed onto the carrier or clerk. Supervison dose not own their lack of knowledge or physical demands on the class below them. I have heard numerous supervison staff referred to people as just carriers, CCAs, or clerks. These comments were not made by a single supervior, but by most I have worked with. The only aspect that managment is concerned with is time even though they will work you 7 days a weeks and not understand why you need a day off. I have been asked to reschedule medical appointments and planned trips so I coukd work instead. To corrwct this these and many other issues within the postal system, I would suggest a deeper management training system. Expand on interpersonal relations, green and yellow belt training, route cause analysis, and trend analysis. The green and yellow belt projects can be worked by both supervision and suborninate teams with management oversight. Management can work on black belt projects with district oversight. I would strongly suggest that all supervisors and managers read The Toyota Way. It is the bases of most modern manufacturing. We must work as a team with a respect for eachother's assigned responsibilities. Right now it is just a blame game and a disrespectful game at that.

    Feb 25, 2020
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