• anon

    Management is the main problem!!! Unqualified and poorly trained to supervise. The majority truly do not know what they are doing, and therefore hide their ignorance by being mean and nasty to the descent employees they are tasked to supervise. Employees have to work to make a living, so they have to tolerate this sick behavior. Supervisors are all trying to move up, so they will make more money and have a higher 3 years earnings at their retirement. A postmaster makes way too much money. Most of the time they leave early, or are at the District in a meeting. All upper management in the District, Area, and Washington are way over paid too. No one speaks up because they are all making more money than they should be paid. Employers, not just the Postal Service want to pay the workers who do the real work so much less for their work. Management paid so much more. Modern day slavery. America wake up, don't let employers pay people so little for their work. When a business pays their employees so little, then WE ALL PAY THE PRICE! HIGER TAXES! Those workers earning so little then have to apply for public welfare. Make employers pay a fair living wage!!!

    Feb 25, 2020
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