• anon

    I'm in the clerk craft, and from my view, the reasons are obvious; As a PSE, you're hired and thrown into the fray with limited training because the excessive cuts in staffing mean no one has the time to really show you the ropes the way an effective training plan would and should; You'r often met with a cold shoulder from seasoned regular employees who often are burnt out themselves because of the frantic pace they're operating under. Communication from management is severely lacking. You don't know what hours you're working, what day off you're getting - if any -and your schedule is on the fly and last minute. You're given ridiculous split shifts that preclude any family time. You plan for time off and it's changed at the last minute. You're asked to drive all over your area and bail out different stations, using your own vehicle and gas in most cases. Management treats you differently from regular employees, even though we are all under the same contract. When you go to work at an area different from your base, you sometimes face criticism or antagonism because you've never been shown how to do something they take for granted, or were shown differently. Now for CCA carriers, I can't speak for with the same authority, but from my view as a distribution clerk, it seems they face the same issues.

    Feb 25, 2020
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