• anon

    The postal service definitely needs a full revamp. Only trying to increase the speed of the carrier is not the answer. The post office is losing potentially excellent employees by only focusing on the numbers. For some time there have been signs plastered all over the post office and the postal trucks in our area, Belmont, CA, that the USPS is hiring. Obviously there is a need for employees. Yet just today, an employee who is enthusiastic, makes maps of the route, comes in early, consults with other carriers, puts up with constantly being told that he's not meeting the averages instead of receiving constructive criticism which could actually help him get faster, was forced to resign or be fired shortly before the end of his 90 day probation period. Averages are exactly that. Sometimes the time is less and sometimes more. There are so many variables - volume of mail on that day, traffic, weather, people chatting, etc. Also, averages are based on time of all postal carriers. Is it not logical that a carrier who has been working less than 90 days will have a higher average time than someone who has worked the same route for over 20 years? Has it become a postal wide policy to save money by hiring people for the probationary period and then letting them go in order to avoid the cost of a full employee? It seems like a very backward policy and definitely not sustainable. A constant turnover of employees will ultimately cost more. In addition, focusing on the speed of the carrier cannot be the only priority. There is a physical maximum speed. Instead, more focus needs to be placed on the full process of distribution from the top down and not the other way around.

    Nov 27, 2019
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