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    It's an open secret in our office that our District is moving toward centralized delivery as seen in other countries such as Canada. Although this will certainly reduce costs as carriers will no longer be walking up long flights of stairs to deliver a single piece of Standard Mail, it will not create sufficient savings to rescue the Postal Service. Centralized Boxes over mounted street delivery simply do not save as much time as the Service imagines. However, the Service simply must reduce some aspects of service to be in line with the reality of modern mail composition. There is a better option which recognizes that our primary customers are businesses and large mailers and 6-day residential delivery is an costly public-service relic of the past. In this proposal, there would be two types of routes--business and residential. Businesses would be consolidated into 5-day Mon-Fri routes. Residential and rural carriers would each have two geographically adjacent routes. The mail for each of those routes would be prepared each day, but only one would be carried. Essentially, they would be Mon-Wed-Fri and Tues-Thurs-Sat delivery schedules. Parcels would be of two basic classes--Priority and Standard. Priority would be delivered every day on both adjacent routes and Standard would be held back until the actual delivery day for that route. Businesses located within residential areas could receive delivery along with Priority parcels for 5 day service--depending on zoning and other factors--and businesses requiring 6-day delivery would pay an additional service fee. Obviously there are many other areas that need to be addressed, but this proposal would reduce the carrier work compliment by about one third.

    Nov 13, 2019
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