• anon

    So, so true. The office I work at has been mismanaged for years. Supervisors leave the unit unattended for long periods on a daily basis, there is no maintenance on our equipment and half or more are always down and not working making the unit frustrated and unproductive, there are employees who socialize all day because of the lack of supervision whether or not a supervisor is in the office, there is unnecessary overtime because of the unit being unproductive, there are employees who are allowed to make their own schedule and come to work at their availability instead of as needed by the company. Many stroll in when they feel like it. All ok'd by management. Company policy is ignored causing timely delivery to be delayed. There is so much more wrong but no one who cares. And, please don't say wrong department, 'cause I'm done and stopped caring.

    Nov 09, 2019
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