• anon

    Service standards may need improvement . There is always room for improvement however time wasting practices are not enforced. Floor plans such as work triangles where distances to collect product are not efficient. Moving equipment to get to equipment and product is obstructed or too tight to pass which causes delays. Shortage of carts and extra hampers causes the worker to wander around looking for these essential tools you need to get your job done in a timely manner. These issues effect the carriers performance along with vehicle delivery maintenance issues. Pavement cracks not filled in . Hamper wheels squeeq and do not roll smoothly. Inadequate maintenance repairs are of poor quality. 1767 Reports are cherry picked and ignored to correct problems. Cut cut cut, is the word . No longer replacing the items and letting things go. Yoyo managers never held accountable for there assigned post office. Enough said.

    Nov 06, 2019
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