• anon

    I’m a former fan of the Postal Service, converted now to a staunch opponent of its continued existence in its current organizational structure. "Whatever it takes" is absolutely, positively, false in our area (32621 and 32696). It should be changed to "Whatever is the least work and most money for us so we can get to our pension." We moved to an address on a major highway for our area (US 27 Alternate), and are apparently near the fringes of where two postal coverage areas collide, and cannot get either to deliver to us. There are 10-12 boxes in the same position along the route I take home from work, between the P.O. and my house, that I see them delivering to all of the time. The last box is probably 300 feet before ours. Initially they said they couldn't find us. Google and Apple Maps sure can. They said "well, they don't deliver your mail". Nope, sure enough, because, if they did, I'd be getting way better service. Then they said it's too dangerous because they'd have to U-Turn on the 4-lane highway. False. They don't do it for the other boxes along the way, and they could right turn onto a road right after our driveway that they already service, anyway. Then they said it "wasn't on their route". So, this is Florida, there will be new houses and development that will not be on your old route. Your routes will change over time. They're just lazy. They pushed us to get a P.O. box. Of course. More money for them, much less work. One of these two Post Offices doesn't open until 9:30, takes off an hour or more for lunch (closes the doors), and then it's locked again by 4 pm or sooner. The office is literally only open to the public 5 1/2 hours per day. I would be totally ready to pay for a P.O. box if I didn't pass them delivering to people on my same road, which just happens to be a primary road through this area, with mailboxes all along the way, positioned exactly the same distance from the road as mine. I've previously been a fan of the Post Office, and used to tell people "I don't know how they do it". Maybe that applies to some post offices, still, but not those in our area. I'm fully for privatization of the system and am going to be contacting my Congressman this week with more details, facts, maps, etc, to demonstrate what sort of runaround and coercive extortion we're getting from this monopoly that is supposed to exist to serve the public. I would gladly pay a private firm more per parcel to deliver my mail in a courteous, respectable, and consistent way. 95% of what we receive is junk mail, anyway, and competitive pricing and costing would eliminate that problem. At our prior address, just 4 miles down the road, still in zip code 32696, we regularly (like every week or two) would receive someone else's mail. I'm sure they were also getting ours. What’s worse about this organizational structure is that, upon calling a national 1-800 number, we were simply told they have no power over the local offices. So, they operate as little fiefdoms where each Postmaster Czar gets to bully the public, and the public has no recourse, and the employees have no accountability. No wonder this organization has been targeted for overhaul so many times in Congress.

    Nov 06, 2019
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