• anon

    Well the office I work At has failed to monitor routes so several routes are claiming more Mail and packages than they truely have and others are overburdened by many homes and stops Yet the regular carrier has managed to manipulate her numbers to conceal such information so as to not have to have her route cut. I’ve been a sub on this same route over 14 years and seen an increase in homes of over 30 new homes and more stops and an additional 2 miles yet she still manipulates her numbers to hide such increase. Someone needs to come into this office and see what is going on. It’s very obvious if one honest inspector were to come see. In fact one can just come in and look. I’ve mentioned it to three different post masters yet none have cared. Personally I’m getting pretty tired of post masters asking why am I so slow when the real question should be how my regular is so fast. My new regular carrier is the one that cam from a different route but she is also the one that manipulated the numbers on her old route which is the smallest route in our office yet gets paid the same as my 46. She has also told her friend To slow down so its not so obvious.there needs to be more observation on these routes. as far as saving money by eliminating the counts and thinking carriers are going to be honest about scanning mail with a scanner periodically is a complete failer. One cannot expect a dishonest carrier who doesnt want their route cut is not going to be honest. I have come to believe the Post Office at least this office truely does not value honesty and integrity

    Nov 02, 2019
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