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    As a rural carrier I want to comment on the Delivery part of the report. "In addition, on average, only 67 percent of delcon scans occurred by the Postal Service’s target time of 7:30 a.m. and only 66 percent of mail carriers returned from their route by the Postal Service’s target time of 5:00 p.m." Our routes are evaluated at a time of low mail volume, but we are expected to do more work at other times in the same amount of time, not possible, that is why we are under the evaluated system. We will go over our evaluated times during high volume times. When we have to wait for either the USPS or Amazon truck to bring the mail/packages, or wait for the clerks because they are shorthanded to scan and sort everything then we are late getting out to the route, when we are late our customers are at the mailbox to let us know us we are late - making us even later. When a route is evaluated as returning to the PO at 4:30 PM and we are an hour late getting on the route, we will be an hour or more late, we cannot "make up that time" by delivering faster, that would be unsafe to us and the public, that is when accidents happen. "Overtime and penalty overtime costs in mail processing increased $327 million, or 43 percent. This includes using over 29 million additional overtime hours than planned. While overtime costs and hours increased, straight time decreased 7.7 million, or 4.3 percent in mail processing." In the rural carrier craft the RCA position make less per hour than the regular carriers. Many offices are understaffed with RCAs, our office has been for about 10 years. The way management treats our RCAs is horrible. If I was an RCA at this time, I would QUIT just like many RCAs do. Since we are short staffed in the RCA ranks that means the regulars are working OT on their relief day costing the PO about $45/hr instead of $18/hr. Make management get the RCA positions filled and give the proper training, not just a little training and throw them to the wolves (public). I've heard managers say that our job is so easy they could train a monkey to do it, if they could get a driver's license. If it is so easy then management needs to get out of the office and on a route when they are not fully staffed. "Mail processing delays increased 43 percent." We need definite cut off times, if truck is late we are supposed to have 20 min leeway for leaving office. When truck is late we should not be expected to make up that time. We should take the most we can get cased up within the 20 min and then go. We can case when we get back to get ready for next day. Quit expected the carrier to make up for the mistakes of managers who are not doing their job of managing the mail. "Late trips increased almost 60 percent and extra transportation trips have increased by 90 percent. The Postal Service reported these trips cost $140 million in FY 2018." Carriers are sent out and then called back to the office when a truck shows up late. That has to stop. If they missed the cut off then it should go tomorrow and managers need to do their jobs. Another option would be to call in the RCA's (that we don't have because management hasn't hired them) that should be on staff and have them help to get it all done. Instead managers want us carriers to make more trips costing more money and making us later and later. "Service Performance targets are determined by the Postal Service’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT) with Board of Governors approval. Postal Service management said the Postal Service is continually evaluating the network infrastructure, transportation network, and volume trends to evaluate the process capability of the targets. Changes to service performance targets are made by the ELT with approval of the Board of Governors. " Maybe they need to quit continually evaluating these things and get out and do the job of delivery and pick up so they can be in touch with the reality of what we do everyday so they can be better informed in how to meet their Service Performance targets. I've been delivering for the USPS for 24 years, there have been many changes over the years. It is time to get out of the office and deal with the traffic, the public, the dogs, the weather, the scanning requirements, the vehicle breakdowns and maybe management will be better at setting and meeting their targets.

    Oct 18, 2019
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