• anon

    Packages should be inspected at point of origin and not at point of destination. Individuals receiving packages are held responsible (Postage Due) for poor shipping practices by the shipper. The receiver has no control as to how the shipper sends the package. Example: Media mail is purchased by the shipper - the pkg is inspected at destination to ensure the pkg is actual media, when it's not, the individual waiting for the pkg is charged the extra postage. This is faulting the wrong individual. In this case the receiver is penalized and not the shipper; adding insult, the pkg can be returned to the point of origin... unfair - this issue of not packing the item correctly should have been addressed at the point where the contract (exchanging money for shipment) was made. If the pkg was not shipped COD, the responsibility should fall on the shoulders of the USPS/Shipper... that is where the contract was made. Suggestion: If in doubt as to validity of the package, inspect it on the spot and not wait for it to reach its arrival point. Forcing the receiver to pay extra for the pkg, or forcing them to do without their item (as it is returned) is a slap in the face of the receiving customer. Inspect the pkg prior to leaving the original port... or, mid-shipment, inspect and note in the tracking, "INSPECTED AND RETURNED TO SENDER FOR IMPROPER PACKING". This way, the true responsible party is held accountable.

    Oct 16, 2019
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