• anon

    I posted a recent experience at the Inspector General's page, but maybe I should have posted it here. I am waiting for a parcel whose tracking info indicates the package spent an entire week getting sent to various USPS processing centers farther and farther away from my address north of Boston/ First NY, NY then Queens,NY, then South Jersey, then Delaware, then Philadelphia and is currently tracked as "on its way to next distribution center". So based on this experience, I'd have to guess that if your processing costs have not decreased, maybe it's because packages are being reduntantly processed through many distribution centers before they even get headed in the right direction. My package is one small parcel, but if you are typically using a "merry-go-round" approach with truckloads of heavy packages, that's a lot of extra ton-miles. (If extra mileage wrong direction routes are cost efficient somehow, I stand corrected, but what if gas prices soar again?) Anyway, one has to wonder if reprocessing packages at multiple distribution centers is intentional: internally encouraged by some as a way to provide more mail volumes at slow times. Basically beefing up the numbers/ job security through inefficiency, etc.. Think about it!

    Oct 13, 2019
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