• anon

    This may seem extremely simple but effective, parcels are picking up the slack where letters and flats are lacking. 1- I personally have 3 to 4 different mail carriers which deliver to my house. To reduce labor costs it is imperative to reduce to workforce (labor) 2- increase the cost of parcels as people purchase more online than in stores. 3- reduce the size of labels applied to parcels 4- youth outreach initiative/advertisement. When I was in elementary school we set up a program to write to other classrooms and we had designated mail carriers who processed the mail. That developed over the years into a passion for writing and receiving letters. USPIS needs to remind people how good it feels to receive something in the mail 5- your biggest hit is email. Eventually there will need be a system where people are charged for email. You can jump out ahead and provide some type of service that no one offers yet, whether it be security or something innovative that will draw people in.

    Oct 03, 2019
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