• anon

    I live in a semi-rural setting served by group boxes. These boxes have been broken into, and in one case, robbed methodically by a criminal postal contractor. As "non-violent" crime, the perpetrators are typically released and so there are no teeth in the punishment. As a result I have needed to rent a PO Box for my financial mail. I now receive two copies of "Junk" mail. One to my group box, and one "stuffed" into my small rental box. This makes it necessary to sometimes pry my mail out. Given that I have a "street address" at which junk mail is delivered (along with non-financial mail) does the Post Office find it contractually mandatory to stuff a second copy into my small PO Box?? It is insane for me to have to deal with this twice and especially to have to decompress the junk mail from critical mail I am now paying extra to receive with less threat of theft. The small letter sized boxes are now around a hundred dollars a year to rent and were never designed to receive newspaper-sized or magazine-sized mail. Please give us a fighting chance to actually get our critical mail!

    May 07, 2020
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