• anon

    Here is my issue: Rural does this for free. City carriers are paid hourly.. they are on the clock .. I am already working for fee, there is no mail count, I still have amazon and my volume has increased. I opted out, was required to deliver the mailers. So it makes since to pay someone to ride my route to pick food up.. Lets do the math. Someone donates money to make the flyers, bags, postage and pays for the work. More than half the food is thrown away because it's expired. Money is taking out of the office fund to throw a party. If you really cared about fighting hunger. You would donate all the money it cost for the food drive. Im going to assume its around 10-20k cost wise (money is coming from somewhere!!) Lets think about every post office who participates. How much is ordered to deliver and how much is thrown in the trash by the customer or UBBM? Take all that money and donate $1,000 to each food drive in the area. There should be an option would you rather give $5-$20 bucks of hard earn money? We sit here and look like we don't care. The truth is: This job isn't like it was 10 years ago. We didn't deliver 150+ packages and Amazons oversized parcels. 10 years ago there was no issue finding extra room.

    May 08, 2019
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