• anon

    I am a senior citizen and sometime I make mistakes. On 12/16. I mailed a package to an address in Springfield VA and unfortunately put the wrong ZIP code on it. It was not caught by either me or the clerk in Durham and thus the drama began. The ZIP code unfortunately was for Towson MD and therefore the package arrived there four days later via the Baltimore DC (BDC). It then went back to to the BDC and then to Linthicum Heights and back to BDC, twice, then back to Towson and finally back to BDC on 12/26. I have placed two different Service Requests via personal phone calls with (very nice ladies) at USPS.com who both tried to rectify the problem, but so far to no avail. Today, I came upon OIG Report # 21-237-R22, so now I think I know what the problem is. Ironically, the house # and street in Springfield is the only one in the US according to Google Maps.

    Dec 27, 2021
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