• anon

    It has been very hard to keep staffing since they implemented Temp employees and it has only gotten worse. Most people who get hired to not understand what they sign up for when they apply for the job for a PSE or a CCA. There are no full time hours, they just see a “government “job. Once they see either a) they are not getting enough hours they leave, b) they are being worked so much they can not keep up, they leave. There is no guarantee of hours to keep them happy. Which when you are putting food on your table and have a family to raise, those hours are needed and they need to know when they are coming. With the post office every week is a guessing game of where your hours are coming from and from which office they are coming from as well. You want to keep staff? Find a way to make more full time employees and have minimal temp or transitional employees.

    Nov 15, 2021
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