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    Your statement about Amazon agreement is correct. I survived 27 yrs as a rural carrier. The last 7 years has been nothing but pure hell. The "day" we received over 400 parcels was a TOTAL SURPRISE. We had 5 rts at the time and 1 full time clerk, 1 PM, 2 clerk assistants . That day the PM was off and we had our normal 1 clerk who had to sort all the flats/letters....and surprise , now packages and not just sort, they had to be scanned in. Parcels were all over the floor. We also had no equipment to use so ea route would have their pile of packages in a bin. We had to get a sub in to try and help sort. She didnt know what route had what street etc...which is called a scheme. I will jump ahead to delivery. I usually came in 6am and started route by 830 am. I was finished by 230 ish pm. My route is salary so we did not get any more pay for the huge increase of heavy parcels. Our route starting times were changed to later and later....830am, because the clerk could not get all mail scanned sorted, I was now leaving at 11 am and still delivering till past 6pm...in the dark for most of the year. I started at age 33 and retired at age 60. I HAD to retire. I had a hard time climbing in/out mail truck 80 plus times a day and I was wore out delivering giant weird boxes that weighed 66# and I couldnt wrap my arms around . Basically I was forced into adding another job ,that was hard labor without any say, pay, anything. The town I delivered to had grown into 11rts with ea route box increase from 250 to OVER 600 stops!! The "DEAL" Amazon got has to be unreal, because the PO has not and does not have to say what the deal is, the total amt parcels showed an increase of over 500% from past year. Heres the thing. We did not get bigger building to hold all these parcels coming in for 12 rts....and the route increase was not expected, but land annexations added the huge increase in mail box deliveries. My mail truck was from 1994 and I have driven this truck since 1994-2021...its still being used....But the size did not increase. We have had to return to get packages because there was no room to get them all in for route. Gas was now being used 2x the amt. I had a 20 mile rt with 652 boxes on my last day which was "black Friday" 2020. That night at 630 pm , I still had another hour to finish...my time was 830 am -745pm, my pay was for 8,25 hrs, not the full amt I worked. I took ZERO breaks and tried to drink water, which means I had to go potty at some point. Driving back to PO , restroom time, and back to where I ended took 22 mins...I time this before. If I needed to go 2x then I lost 44 min time. I got really good peeing into a plastic tupperware container while in back of mail truck, after makeing some kind of a "wall" so no one would see and praying that no one would bang on truck trying to hand me outgoing mail that they saw mail truck and thought this will save time. I was 60 yrs old, peeing in back of mail truck...unreal. Nobody ever thinks of this. But the increase in parcels made our time out on street way longer. For 20 yrs, I was done before I need to pee. Now I was out there 3-5 hrs longer. Anyways, the parcels have been dumped on all rural carriers and as long as we do not work more the 12 hrs a day....then we get paid our normal rt pay which for most was 8.25 hrs. NOBODY was working 8.25....it was between 9-10 hrs....this INCLUDED running from mail truck to door, dropping off package and RUNNING back. I was 60 yrs old....the next oldest was 50 and 7 out of 12 rts were 30 ish yrs old so they had the physical fitness to be able to run ea and every day. I did not. I was proud to work for USPS, but the last years , I had so many people waiting for me, stopping me in middle of road all asking about a package that "was supposed to be delivered". It was nuts. The emails were from another company, NOT USPS , which we had no communication with any of that. The best was when I delivered green postcards that stated" we tried to deliver you a package, but could not" so would you call this 800#. People went nuts over this. My elderly people were very upset that this parcel did not get delivered. I had to explain many many times that this was nothing but advertisement. You cannot believe how the mail upsets the elderly by mailing them letters, that was "bulk-business-mail" = meaning junk ....( we are not supposed to say this) telling them they were going to lose their SSI. I have rambled on and sorry for this. The USPS is in REAL trouble since the NEW Postmaster General has cut full shifts out completely at sorting facilities and also took about a few of the machines...which was right before the election. There is no new vehicles for rural carriers, and these are way past their 25 yr as a LLV. Its a mess. i thank God that I did get my pension, but I know many will not be physically able to put the 20-25 yrs fulltime it takes to get this because of body break-downs.

    Nov 29, 2021
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