• anon

    Transporting paper mail is like riding the train from NY to LA. Nostalgia, warmth as one commenter put it, has a cost and that cost should be fully borne by those utilizing the service. Fifty five cents is a very small price to pay in a five dollar coffee world. USPS creates a lot of global warming emissions which should be calculated into pricing such as carbon taxing. Digitization of mail as an option could be applied as credit to recipient for future mailings as an example while those wanting the full “experience” of hard paper in hand are not affected at all. USPS does not have any competition and it’s large enough, technology savvy enough, and mostly staffed well enough to run on it’s own and even pay back tax payer bailouts. Maybe high cost areas like NY and CA have higher priced stamps for letters and packages originating from those locations in order to pay workers premium wage required to live in those areas. Automation, deregulation, dynamic market based pricing, tiered serving, and ability to temporarily augment staff to handle peaks would bring USPS in line with expanded consumer demands and desires. The first tiered servicing features should be optional Saturday delivery as other delivery providers do. A 2 day letter mailed on Thursday would have a target date no earlier than on Monday.

    Sep 23, 2021
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