• anon

    I've been around on this planet a long, time, and am a big USPS user and I have to say we probably have the best mail service in the world. A small caveat is that it may not stay that way with it's current leader but hopefully that error can be corrected. Back to what I was saying: I love USPS. For 75 years (I was 5 years old when I got my first letter addressed to me only), I've enjoyed the services provided by USPS. Sure, errors have been made, life is like that, but the very few were promptly corrected. As I get older, I joyfully use it more and more, sending cards, and notes, and postcards (I make myself) and, packages, to people I know in many, many places. Yes, one can stay in touch via this computer I'm typing this on (and I love my computers, make no mistake about that) but, have to tell you, there is nothing as nice as receiving a wonderful hand-written note or card from someone I love who lives far away. Computer screen just doesn't cut it for warmth, love, and my holding in my hand that card made by a friend in New York who can't draw a straight line with a ruler, who spent two hours crafting a card for me for my 80th birthday! It couldn't be more beautiful. So, get off USPS's case and help, don't hinder them in their duties - most of them do a fine job.

    Sep 21, 2021
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