• anon

    I am a rural carrier out of the Bellefonte, PA Post office. I feel our main focus should be, and always has been to deliver mail as accurately as possible! However it has now turned into being overburdened with Amazon! We are doing our best to focus on mail and the Amazon packages and we are not being appropriately compensated for it! If the post office wants good, responsible, and dependable employees then they should re-evaluate how they treat and pay the employees! Our union is not doing anything to help us! Carriers/Offices that don’t get Amazon get the same rate of pay that we get and it is NOT fair! I speak for every RCA both regulars and subs when I say we are getting burnt out! I hope someone important sees this and does something about it! I love being a carrier but I don’t like working for free. I also want to feel the hard work I put in matters.

    Sep 14, 2021
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