• anon

    Researching why the Amazon parcels I order are not being delivered. Three times in the last 10 days. Carriers are falsely scanning as "mailbox too full" It is a scam. It is fraudulent to take the fee to deliver from Amazon, and then only getting it to the closest post office and asking me to drive to the next county to pick it up is wrong. Reading the rural carrier's manual, they are required to deliver parcels weighing less than 70 pounds and total 130 inch in size. My mailbox was not full, In fact after reading the email from Amazon that the post office scanned as mailbox too full, I walked to my mailbox at 3pm and NO mail was delivered!. The scan read it was attempted to deliver at 9;51 am. Can not be true. This has got to stop. I pay a prime fee annually to get my deliveries. You have competition in parcels as many more of us are shopping online. However, you must be low balling the contract with Amazon and then not fulfilling that same contract by not delivering. People we need to ask Amazon to look into this. I also read that global postal deliveries have broken their contract with the post office for the same reason. We need to do the same if the post office doesn't do its job with parcels. Thank you.

    Aug 25, 2021
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