• anon

    I have had 5 packages shipped to China in the past few months. One took 53 days to get there. I shipped a second one via Express Priority International to China on April 29th and it is still in ISC. I shipped another one at the same time and it took 30 days to get there via Priority mail. I shipped another package to China via Priority International on June second and it is still in transit and has not even made it to ISC. I've decided not to use usps anymore because it takes too long and I'm afraid that it will just sit for months. I've called USPS twice and filed cases on every package. This is getting ridiculous. I paid the amount they wanted to ship there and I'm not getting any good results. It's a hit or miss. Why is this happening? No one seems to know anything. I'm about to lose 2k on one of these packages.

    Jun 27, 2021
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