• anon

    Please, please do an investigation at ISC Chicago to see why the delays are consistently too long. All you have to do is type ISC Chicago into a google search engine and there are pages and pages where people report their personal experience with extremely long delays and other types of mail neglect and crime dating back from this present day to 15 years ago! For 15 years or over nothing has changed or been revised over there in attempt to help so many Americans receive their mail and packages in a somewhat timely manor? There literally are dozens of complaints on a month to month basis spanning the entire 10 years past. No other ISC in the country has as many problems as Chicago. Why is this? I read posts from people who regularly get international packages as well as from sellers and in some cases companies will actually resend the purchased item free of charge right away if it happens to land at ISC Chicago because they say ‘it is as good as gone’ or ‘basically like it was never sent in the first place’ if It lands there. Companies like to be known for timely shipping and because that sorting center makes it impossible for them to maintain good reputations, they basically cancel out the item sent that landed at Chicago and send another right away hoping and praying that this time it will arrive in another state’s ISC. It is so much easier than having long drawn out back and forths with customers for months over where their package is, what the refund policy is, will they give a refund etc etc., and then having their company get a bad reputation when it is really not their fault that the mail was mishandled, lost, stolen, confiscated, whatever the case at ISC Chicago. There must be something to be learned as to why that place, out of every other ISC by far, is responsible for so many problems and the longest delays. I have had 3 Amazon orders cancelled by the sellers and reshipped because they landed there and were guaranteed by a certain date. You know, even if the issue Is that the reason for such delays and missing mail is because they scrutinizes each and every piece throughly and confiscate more packages than any other ISC, it isn’t really helping anymore when most this stuff gets resent immediately with the chance it will end up at a different ISC that processes things more quickly and enters the country anyway because of ISC Chicago’s awful reputation. Then as a result more illegal stuff will end up entering the country since it does happen that 3-9 months later, the original first sent package actually does get cleared, or found, and delivered. Then there is a surplus of whatever it is they were trying to keep out of the country anyway with their lengthly time consuming inspections. Somehow, I don’t really need think that that scenario is what is happening over at ISC Chicago because out of so many of the stories and experiences I have read and learned about I didn’t find any having to do with peoples packages actually being confiscated or having that communicated to them by CBP. That is why many think they steal them because the mail just never shows up in most cases without any communication as to why it didn’t show up. The place needs to be investigated because in either way you look at it, the sorting facility is completely ineffective.

    May 24, 2021
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